Westgate Hill Primary Academy

Meet the author!

Year 6 had a surprise visit from author Gill Arbuthnott, writer of some fantastic non-fiction science book such as The beginners Guide to Life on Earth!

Young Writers

Year 5 and 6 are now published writers after entering writing competitions to have their work published in a real book!

Nonsense and Stuff!

Mad Alice Theatre Company were in school this September performing ‘Nonsense and Stuff’ with songs, poetry and stories.

Spicy Burgers are back on the menu!

Two innovative Year 6 pupils were sad to see spicy burgers off the menu so they devised a campaign and collated a petition of over 200 signatures. Their hard work was rewarded because the summer term saw the return of these popular tasty delights.

A big thank you and fond farewell to retiring crossing patrol: Maureen Lartey.