Key Stage 2 Sports Day

On Monday 17th July was Key Stage 2 Sports Day. It was a fantastic day and great team effort by all.

The whole of Key Stage 2 were put in five teams of either red, yellow, blue, green and white. They all had to complete a series of different activities and score points for coming in first, second, third or fourth. The scores were then totalled up at the end to find an overall winner. Extra bonus points were rewarded for fair play and team work. There activities tested a range of skills including a sprint, javelin throwing, dribbling a football, aiming bean bags into a hoop, skipping and standing long jump. Everyone tried their hardest and as a result everyone had a brilliant time!


The overall winners as followed:

Yellow won the ‘Fair Play’ trophy.

Green were the overall winners with 312 points.

There was even a Teacher running race with Miss Charlton winning her race and it was a photo finish for the second race between Mr Hill and Mr Hamilton!

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