Mission Statement

Inspire, Challenge, Excel

Vision statement

 We seek to raise aspirations, empower pupils, developing their capacity to make informed choices and lead a happy, healthy life.

We embrace diversity, recognise individual needs and encourage all pupils to achieve their best.

High quality teaching ensures we deliver a rich and varied curriculum in an inspiring and creative way.  Through their learning pupils become literate and numerate.

They develop aesthetic, artistic, social and spiritual awareness.  We nurture an understanding of fairness and respect for others.  Working together with the whole school community ensures success.

 School Aims

  • To ensure education is based on inclusivity and promotes excellence in all aspects for all pupils in our schools.
  • To provide outstanding provision which maximises opportunities for all pupils, parents and the wider community.
  • To ensure the principles of every child matters are at the heart of the shared policy and practice and all pupils feel safe and cared for.
  • To develop the well-being of both pupils and staff, ensuring a good learning/working environment.
  • To use and share expertise to remove barriers to learning.
  • To ensure the vision and values of the school are consistently applied by a highly motivated, professional and skilled staff.
  • To create an environment where every person feels their contribution is valued.
  • To promote safeguarding and set high standards of teaching and learning.
  • To ensure systems for tracking and intervention ensure all pupils, irrespective of background, to flourish and make accelerated progress, thus overcoming instances of underachievement and low aspirations.
  • To deliver a creative and innovative curriculum, which meets the needs and interests of all pupils, within and beyond the school day
  • To ensure financial management is effective, enabling the school to be as richly resourced as possible in staff, equipment and materials.