Update for Parents/Carers

Message from the Executive Head Teacher

Dear Parents and Carers

I would like to introduce myself as the Executive Head Teacher of the Arthur’s Hill Federation of Primary Schools. My name is Mr Patrick Wilkins and I took up this exciting post in January 2014.

The federation encompasses two excellent primary schools [Moorside Primary and Westgate Hill Primary Academy] serving this vibrant and diverse community in the West End of Newcastle and I am privileged to lead and work in partnership with a strong and committed federation staff team.

In many respects the Arthur’s Hill Federation is entering a new era as Westgate Hill Primary Academy continues to expand into wonderful, newly refurbished learning areas within the 1896 ‘Victoria Building’, proudly facing the West Road. Similarly, Moorside Primary has recently benefitted from an internal remodelling project, providing children with an excellent learning environment.

At the start of this academic year [September 2014], parents, children, governors, community representatives and staff got together for a unique visioning event entitled ‘Our Future, Our Vision’. This gave me the opportunity to share the federation’s improvement plan for the next three years, which applies equally to both schools. The professional outcome we are all committed to achieving is:

‘To improve achievement and increase the amount of teaching that is outstanding.’

However, this event also provided the opportunity for everyone involved to articulate their vision for the future and describe the skills and personal qualities we would hope our children acquire in order to enable them to reach their goals. Here is just a flavour of what was said:

‘Community through diversity and excellence’

‘Working together to make a better tomorrow’

‘Stand tall, be proud, aim high’

It is with this vision in mind that my colleagues and I are working to ensure the provision of the highest quality education possible for each and every child attending the federation. We seek to do everything possible to support your children in achieving their full potential, both academically and as developing young people.

In working towards these aims we also recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents and carers. Your support and involvement in your child’s education and learning is a real key to success. A real strength of our federation going forward is that we can offer family learning and family support in many forms and more than ever we want to share information regularly with you as parents and offer advice about how you can help at home.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Wilkins

Executive Head