TVLA- What does being a Strategic Partner in a teaching school mean?

In March 2012, The Federation of Arthur’s Hill Primary Schools, Moorside Primary School, became a strategic partner in the Tyne Valley Teaching School Alliance. This gives outstanding schools a leading role in the training and professional development of teachers, support staff and headteachers, as well as contributing to the raising of standards through school-to-school support.

Schools and academies wishing to become startegic partners within teaching schools needed to give evidence of successful partnerships as well as excellent leadership with a proven track record of school  and school to school improvement.

Schools are working  together within our teaching school alliance ( a group of schools and other partners that is supported by the leadership of a teaching school). This includes all those schools that benefit by receiving support, as well as schools like ours that will lead on certain aspects of delivery. Our alliance is cross phase and cross sector and works across local authorities including different types of organisations.

The work and success of Moorside Community Primary School extends far futher than our own school gates. We work as a National Support School and a strategic partner to a Teaching School Alliance, to support other schools, especially those in challenging circumstances and have an excellent track record of this.

For further information about our work as a  a strategic partner, please get in touch.

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