Year 6 Trip to the Jorvick Centre, York

Year 6 pupils went back in time to the 10th Century to learn about Viking Life.

“The people who lived and worked in Viking-age York came from far and wide. The city, a prosperous trading hub welcomed goods from all over the Viking world. With this wide-reaching trade came people, who brought their own customs, traditions and languages with them”.

Pupils experienced first hand the sights, sounds and smells of  Viking Britain on a unique ride complete with animatronic characters.  Pupils heard the ancient languages spoken in Jorvik; from Old English and Old Norse and even Ancient Arabic. They could smell the stench of Viking toilets, rubbish and foods. Along the way, they met a blacksmith, fishermen, a potter and a priest. It was fascinating experience for all.

At dig, pupils became archaeologist, examining and sorting authentic Viking artefacts found at excavation sites  in and around the city of York. Amazingly, we what learn most about the Vikings was from what they threw away- their rubbish. Pupils even got to handle ancient Viking poo!

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